Tuesday, November 17, 2009

triplets plus 2 (Lethbridge Family Photographer)

Oh this session was a ball!!! I was warned and warned that these 3 were busy little bees but my goodness how could you care when they are this cute... lol... they were busy and mom must be exhausted but I had a blast with them they were so cute to watch interact with eachother and how they loved their food! LOL!!! Mom was so smart and brought a sweet treat and they LOVED to sit for me if we had enough treats...lol... how cute! Thank you again they were a blast to be around and I admire mom so much! The older daughter is a proud sister of the triplets and the other little boy is a little cousin to these 4! How fun it was to play with these guys for the afternoon!!!!!
Thanks again and enjoy your sneak peak

BOWS were made by: ELLABELLA

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Michelle said...

Thank goodness for puff snacks. mandy you did an awesome job. Thanks a bunch