Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girls just WANNA have FUN....

Ok this shoot was honestly soo fun! I say that about all my photo shoots but this one was a BLAST! These girls were so fun to work with and mom was fabulous too! The other cool part about this shoot was I got to go somewhere in Lethbridge I never knew even existed... it was an amazing adventure too! Gosh one day I will buy a house out there.... LOVE LOVE LOVE the area! Anyways... These girls are super awesome and super special and drop dead gorgeous!! ! I hope you enjoy your sneak peak and I think the world of your cute family! Thanks again for allowing me to come play with you all! You guys rock!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 I'm Lovin IT...

Hahaha.. oh man I kinda made myself laugh on that post title... haha... This is my amazing family! This post is long overdue but like I said before I dont understand but family always gets pushed to the end.. So I apologize!! I had to post a few of these, especially the last one just because my sister is so funny! haha.. I love this family so much! Have you ever gone into someones house and felt like you could just put your feet right up on their couch, go look in the refrigerator and just make yourself right at home???? This is exactly how it is when I go to my sis's house. She is the most relaxed, easy going fabulous mom I have ever met... one day I hope to be just like her! I honestly can't say it enough my sisters and mom are my very best friends and I would die if I went a whole 2 days without talking to them! I love them so much! H you are such an amazing mom, a fabulous little wife and the best big sis around! I love you so very much and honestly I hope one day I get to be her! lol! I love you guys and miss you like crazy...
big kisses and hugs from AUNTIE!!! LOVE YOU

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Strongest LIL NEWBORN....

The other day I had the best time photographing this little bundle of joy.. he was honestly though the strongest little guffer I've ever met... he was pushing off my suitcase, trying to crawl I swear and lifting his head... what the heck.. how adorable is he though honestly... LOVE THIS LITTLE ONE!! Thanks again guys it is always so fun working with you guys!
Enjoy your sneak peak

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lethbridge Photography

Wow... I feel so embarassed, happy, excited, kinda fun I'd have to here's why... a few of my good friends put my name on the Best of the Best Lethbridge 2010 for Photography and it seems kinda fun! Anyways if you have a minute and you want it just takes a few seconds to put in your vote! Thanks everyone for all your continued support! You are all sooo FABULOUS! Thanks again
Best Of The Best

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I AM SO SORRY... I have to give an apology I know I said the winner would of been last week but.... I got so sick... (what a whiner I am...) I had that cold that just knocks ya where you can't work, you can't stand, you just wanna lay down and forever... anyways Please accept my apology....
2nd... Thank you so so so much for your sweet compliments, your wicked entries and your awesome New Years Resolutions!!! They all sound so fabulous and I hope you all keep them and it inspired me to write some of mine down! So thank you so much! Also, Thank you so much for all your endless support I love my clients I love my emails I get and I love you all!! soo.. thank you so much your all so amazing... ok now I am just rambling and getting off here sooo... Without FURTHER ADO....


Congratulations to you and please contact me by email to confirm and set your dates! So excited to work with you and your family! Thank you for everyone who played our little giveaway and keep posted there will be one last giveaway before baby comes!!!
and what would a post be without pictures!!
This little miss was soo adorable-ly cute and soo funny! I loved this one.. she definitely had attitude and was so fun! She wasn't to sure about pictures but as soon as we brought out that cake ooh that was it... so happy!!!! Thanks again for playing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL MISS

LUKE (Lethbridge Photographer/Lethbridge baby photographer)

Aww this little man would melt anyone's heart!!! This is one of my bestest pals ever (little boy) wow did that even make sense? lol... She has been my best friend since we were soo little and I just love her to pieces!!!! Thanks so much for coming and play with me!!!!
Enjoy your sneak peak!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby its Cold Outside....

This session was sooo soo soo fun and soo cold... lol.. we have been wanting to do a "trash the dress" now for a while with this lil missy and finally we were able to coordinate and do it! We didn't want to TRASH the dress but it was so fun to do some fun and funky poses! Thanks so much for such a good time and great IMAGES! Thanks again I hope you enjoy!