Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ok???? A little change.... little nervous.... help me out!

Well its time... I have been thinking about this over and over and over again... and have decided if I am going to do this I have to do this!.... what is "this" i'm talking about... Well I have had a huge business plan from the beginning... and I really need to start thinking about do I want to make this more of a full career choice or just a hobby? Well I started the process to make this my career... I will be returning to work in the fall (but just part time) and I will still continue to take on clients for photography! I am really excited and nervous about the changes to come so I guess the reason for this post is that I wanted to hear your feedback!!! I Love what I do, its not just a JOB it's a passion (im sure you've heard every photographer say that before) but it's true... it really is an art.. it is a way to express art. I love it! Anyways so my change... I am thinking about changing not a HUGE change but I just believe that photography is an art and I would love that displayed in your homes, in your offices, in your dens, in your front hall... I love the idea of custom printing... I love that when people come into your homes they see the work that we have created and that they really get a full understanding what custom photography is all about! I am so excited to embark on this and I am so excited to see all the different picks and choices that you will get to choose from! So come June 1st I will have more details in which will describe more of the process in booking and viewing and what not but I just wanted to hear a little feedback. I feel that its not the time taking the photos but the countless hours of touching up, editing, and being away from my new developed little family.... Like I said I love what I do, but I want to make it worth it for everyone... You especially! I can't wait to see your face when you get that canvas, or the enlargment for your front entrance... I am really excited to start this and I would LOVE to hear your comments/concerns, encouragment.. haha.. anything! Thank you thank you thank you for all your support and for trusting me in taking your photos! I feel like whenever I do a new session I really do make a new friend.... I feel as if I have had a lot of growth this last year and I want to be able to have all those beautiful newborns, children, maternity sessions, or family photos we take displayed in a more professional manor.... Man i hope that all this made sense... anyways I really do appreciate your support! I can't wait to hear back from EVERYONE!!!! Thanks guys!!!!


Heather said...

I love you Mandy. Sounds great! You are doing a wonderful job. Are you so proud of me I finaly got to your site. HAHA

Baker Family said...

You do amazing work...I have always wanted to be good at photography..Keep going! You are doing a fabulous job!