Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay, I've written on this topic before but I would LOVE to get some feedback.... So even if this is your first time stopping by this site or if your a regular... I would Love for you to leave some feedback for me! I am really leaning towards changing up a few things in our little business... I really would LOVE to have a new twist on things, but not to drastic... Let me explain.. I want to know when you come to get your pictures do you like the fact that you get the CD with all your pictures PLUS the touched up ones? Or would you be happy with just the TOUCHED UP pictures? Do you like getting your disc and moving on or would you like prints offered? I LOVE my prints I have gotten done at the LAB and I would love for more people to get it done but I want to hear your feedback too! Let me know please..... let me know what you like and what you dislike about this process, my process and how other photographers charge. I want to make it the best possible for YOU my clients and I want to be the best for you! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (could I get any whinnier....sp?) anyways let me know like i said even if i have never met you before in my life.. I want to hear your feedback! Thanks guys!
Baker Photography

Also if you don't feel comfortable leaving your comment so everyone can see it email me your suggestions: kmbakerphotography@gmail.com


Jennie Holt said...

Well Mandy you have to know how much i love Love LOVE my pics that you did...they are everywhere!! I would have to say that getting the CD with all the pics was a HUGE deal to me... so that sealed the deal for us! I think if you could have the prices of the prints that you can order that would be a big help and maybe get some samples?? well you are awesome! hope that helped!!

Gabi said...

I also loved the c.d. that includes all the pictures. Your price is just perfect as well. Prints would be a nice thing to offer people as well but I'm happy just going to Costco for the most part.

the fellers said...

I LOVE the fact that you give a cd...I know i have never been to you before, but plan on it, and the photographers that I HAVE had have given cd's and they are awesome to have (especially cause for some reason it is cheaper for us to do the pics while we are in Canada, and then we can bring them home with us....and it isnt a hassle to get some pics). They are great so I can store them in my firesafe box so they are safe for good, and then I have them whenever I want. Also, I have also had touched up pictures with the cd and that is great. A couple of things that I have had offered to me, is that there is a album with 50 prints in it included in the price of the shoot...maybe that is what you mean by touched up, but I didnt think it was, BUT your prices are lower, so maybe that is why theirs are higher...I dont know. But I like the idea of having the OPTION to get a print. I did go to someone that did the cd, a book of 50 prints and an 11X14 print...I thought that was pretty good, but it would be cool if there was someone that knew the pics to get the prints done....so yeah, i think you should keep it as you are and ADD the prints option....did that help or even make sense?

Baker Photography said...

Yes tthank you thank you this helps alot! can't wait to make some changes!