Sunday, March 22, 2009


Alright all you AMERICAN NEXT TOP MODEL FANS.... WE WANT YOU!!!! We had so much fun with our last family giveaway we decided to do another giveaway... It seems fast but we are so excited to do another one! This one is different however from the last, because its a so called "GLAMOUR SHOT" My fear of giving this away is no one will enter because I know people can get modest on me here... But I can PROMISE YOU we will have SOO MUCH FUN!! It's very relaxed, not stressful, get out there and be silly... TO tell you the TRUTH its really fun for me too... to find new poses and do funky outfits! So we won't call it a GLAMOUR SHOT we'll call it American Next Top Model... ( I love to go and play americans next top model its so fun!!!) So... here's how you enter... I have been reading about these points systems... and I LOVE THE IDEA! So here are your points...
1.Follow Baker Photograpy Blog- 1 point
2.Post about this giveaway on your blog/facebook/website - 2 points
3.Put a link from your blog/website to our BLOG- 1 point
4. Tell me about your favorite Photo session of yourself/or others
Flatter me... Just kiding, no but really.... -1 point
Let me know what ones (or ALL) that you have done and I will put your name in the draw! Come on everyone put your pride/ modesty behind you and LETS HAVE SOME FUN! I can't wait to go out and take some FUN photos... I would like to do outside ones and a few inside as well! GOOD LUCK..
The GIVEAWAY will be going until March 31st at MIDNIGHT! All participants will recieve a discount on their own "Glamour Shots" if you book with in the first 7 days after the WINNER is announced! GOOD LUCK I AM SO EXCITED!!!!


chickenwings95 said...

your hair was looking good at church today... its glen herrick :P

Cassidy said...

hey mandy, does this count as an entry? I have a like to your blog too, so thats another one right? Love the idea!

Cassidy said...

p.s. my fave photo shoot is the one of mr. p and the suspenders! and i'll post about your giveaway on my blog!

chickenwings95 said...

oh ya, do i have to pick just one group of photos, im not superman u know they r all great

Anonymous said...


Hey Miss Thing! I really love your pictures....and my favorite is of the babies! Even though those days are long and far behind me....I look so forward to being a Grandma someday in the future! The capture of their sweet little faces makes me smile! WOWSERS! Good eye girl...good eye!

Hugs n smiles,