Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oh my goodness.. This was so FUN! First off I just wanted to say a HUGE ThAnK YoU!!! to everyone who participated in this FUN event! I will definatley be having a TON of these! Like every week- Just joking but I think ONCE a Month would be fun! Really, Thank you for all those who participated and showed that they really support me and my growing little business I really feel blessed to have known you and to get to know you! Also...
(the winner is coming I PROMISE!!!)
But I would like to offer everyone who participated 10% off your Spring Family Photos!
I will email you and remind you! I will need  you to book your shoots within the next 2 weeks or so, so I can get everyone a spot! 
For the winner, First of ALL of YOUR adorable stories were SO fun to read!! I think EVERYONE is ready for SPRING!!! So because they were s
o fun and SOOO hard to choose I put everyones name in a HAT (actually a bowl) and Had my trusty helper KENNY pick a name.
So without FURTHER ADO....

I will email you with more details! 
Thank you again for everyone who participated and remember you will be getting 10% off of your photo shoot just for participating! THank you again!
Baker Photography

2 comments: said...

so fun!! what a great thing to do :)

Gabi said...

It was a fun thing to do, it made me really think what I love most about spring and I am so excited for our session.